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job hunting

Postby poetrea13 » Thu Apr 28, 2016 1:01 am

So, I have spent the last six months or so job hunting on and off, and just this last week I landed a job in customer service that I think I'll really enjoy. But it wasn't until I got the job offer and was able to feel that settling sensation of, "Yes. It's finished. The job hunt is over for now. No more interviews. No more phone calls. El Fin," that I realized how draining the whole process was.

It's nothing terrible, just a lot of slightly exhausting things things piled one on top of the other. Having to pump myself up to on my "interview persona," which is about ten times as outgoing, perky, and extroverted as I really am. Having to call strangers, a lot of strangers, to ask if they had any openings, if I could come in for an interview, to reschedule said interview, to ask if there were any developments, to ask tentatively if I was hired or not -- phew.

Perhaps the most exhausting aspect of all was having the sound on my phone turned on the entire time. My family probably loved that part of it, because they could finally get ahold of me on the first call instead of getting an apologetic call back a few hours later. And that part I enjoyed. But fielding phone calls from prospective employers, being uprooted from a peaceful moment and having to immediately jump into what I call my "phone voice," which, again, is significantly more perky and extroverted than I come across in real life, was exhausting. I can't explain how wonderful it was to finally be able to silence my phone again, and I don't feel one ounce of regret or guilt over it. It's fabulous.

Not necessarily any big questions here, just a general, does anyone else know the feeling of having to put on a more 'extroverted' persona to land a job?

And to those of you still in the job hunt, hold on! You'll land a job that fits. I did. It'll happen to you too. Don't give up! :)

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Re: job hunting

Postby Orientalist » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:47 am

Customer Service can be a nightmare for introverts. Dealing with the public is no fun at all.
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Re: job hunting

Postby Engage » Tue May 31, 2016 10:17 pm

Yes. Like I said in a previous post, I worked as a customer service agent for about six months. It was 100% dealing with clients and client issues, people in bad moods because we charged their cellphones hundreds of dollars for Internet usage without their knowledge.

It was very exhausting at times, but I was lucky since I got to chat with my friends nearby in between calls. Lots of laughs made it all worth it.

I had to be much friendlier than I actually am, and put on a bit of a helpful tone. Especially at first.

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