Making conversation

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Making conversation

Postby YAZ100 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:47 pm

Hi, i am new here
Today my aunt phoned and was telling about returning the dog which is not a suitable match for us. I was listening and told her that i have already got intouch with the charity i got her from. Other then that i had not conversation to make.
Then she sounded frustrated as she was telling me smthat she knows that i ssy i am introverted but i need to speak more and make more conversation.
It is not as easy as that.

Maybe others if you can relate to this.

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Re: Making conversation

Postby Pathfinder » Fri Sep 29, 2017 12:44 pm

Absolutely, just look at the viewed vs response ratios of the posts on this forum. I've been struggling for over 5 decades with trying to make conversation. It's very difficult for our kind. I've learned that most introverts can talk at length when the conversation has some substance to it or if it piques your interest in some way. Other than that we're like a fish out of water floundering on the beach of life.

Sadly, most non-innies don't seem to be up for much intellectual discussion. I don't think they find it stimulating in the same way we do. It's too cerebral. I'm a people watcher (and enjoy it) and what I see is that the extroverts out there talk and laugh together about what we consider nothing. We can't relate and don't feel like we fit in. Both are true. That's the reason why introverts have fewer friends with much deeper relationships where as extroverts have many friends with much more superficial relationship.

You might want to tell your aunt, nicely of course that, you don't need help to become somebody your not, you need understanding and acceptance of who you are. She can't talk any less than you can talk more. You could then point her to an awesome book on the subject: Quiet by Susan Cain.

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