Sports Gathering

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Sports Gathering

Postby Kaonashi87 » Wed Apr 12, 2017 10:53 am

Okay so I thought the nightmare of beig forced into sports game is over when I graduated high school. But the joke is on me. I continued my school and once again I was forced to join a regular sport game. It wasn't much, once a week but it was pure torture to me. I hate the way I was awkard when a lot of people watch. I hate when they laugh on my awkwardness. I hate when they make fun of me (intentionally or not) due to this. I tried not joining twice and some of my seniors forced me to. They said because I am a junior I should follow them no matter what. That's the way things are here. So here I am in the field, laughing and at the same time cursing inside my head,thinking "I'm hating this. I'm hating this!!"

I can't wait until they graduate and then I'll just let my juniors do whatever the hell they want but I'm out of here.

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