Unwinding After Working with Extreme Extros

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Unwinding After Working with Extreme Extros

Postby MrCawfle » Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:44 am

I work 10 hours days in a prison manufacturing shop. (I swear that extroverts have a 95% higher chance of being locked up.) I'm surrounded by them. Also, they are almost all morning people. Jeez, let me have my coffee first, huh?! They are physical and can't stop lifting, play-fighting and screaming at each other. They pride themselves on being big and bad. Well.... I've run a printing press for 10 years out-side of jail (the delicious term for this is "uptown....I worked in an uptown print shop...".) If I criticize them, they curse me then curl up into a little ball. I just need to vent and I just need to breathe. I'm an introvert, an only child and worse, an only grandchild. I'm not used to all this (literal) noise. Thanks for listening.

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