Extreme Introvert

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Extreme Introvert

Postby 09056 » Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:00 am

Just wanna talk abt myself and hope someone can relate to what I'm abt to say and prolly have some advice for me.
I'm a 19yrs old Male college student. I've always been to myself since childhood. Hardly socialize with my family not to talk of friends. I get nervous each time I try to talk to girls or when any approaches me. Although I'm 19yrs old, I've only been in a relationship with a girl once and it didn't last for 2months. I guess she broke up with me cos she felt i was awkward and didn't have much friends like my peers. Read alot of articles online abt an introvert's love for social media but in my case, i guess it's different. I hate instagram and i just recently started using Facebook again after i deactivated my account for 2years. I have really low self esteem and each time I'm laughed at by my peers I distance myself from them and start feeling some kind of hate towards them. I get scared of everything. I mean everything. I almost always crave for time alone. I hate stimulating environs, i don't go for parties and I'm a really bad dancer (or so I think). Dunno if anyone can relate to any of this or am I the only one of my kind on this planet earth. Sometimes I over think things and end up adding to my low self esteem.

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Re: Extreme Introvert

Postby SingingBridge » Sun Mar 05, 2017 4:08 pm

Hello, at least you understand your situation. I am 45 now and have lived with extreme introversion all of my life. When my best friend moved with his family to another area when I was a bit younger than you I couldn't attend his leaving party because I have been able to stand it. I didn't go to University because of all that socialising. You don't have to have a relationship as you are still very young, perhaps find interests where other introverts may be involved?
Teenagers are quite funny to listen to as your experience of the world is by your youth very limited. As you grow older then you understand everything much better and realise that there is a place for all. I loathe most social media as it is dumb, cruel and brings out the worst in people. Never hate people, if they're horrible to you try to avoid them, they won't be there forever. Do what you want to do and enjoy, then try to fit this in as best you can with other people - perhaps new ones who understand you well.

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