Took my wife on a cruise for our 25th - Good Lord why oh why...

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Took my wife on a cruise for our 25th - Good Lord why oh why...

Postby Pathfinder » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:35 am

I promised to take my wife on an Alaskian cruise for our 25th anniversary - Good Lord, why oh why didn't I see potential issues with that?... D'uh...

Actually, it wasn't that bad as long as I kept moving. There were about 1800 people aboard the ship and as a result there wasn't much in the way of out-of-stateroom quiet time areas. I wound up exploring a lot of the ship and spending a lot of time looking out at the scenery along the walkways that weren't crowded. The good new was that my wife generally picked up the small-talk slack so I could just coast along without having to put out much effort. However, the not so good new was pretty much everyday there was a "nap time" period where she wasn't available to cover for me and I was on my own. Yikes! On the second day I noticed an area in the ship's library where they had 4 or 5 nice comfy chairs side by side complete with ottomans, all of which were facing the big bay windows. Not completely ideal but better than anything else I found. I grabbed a National Geographic magazine and sat down beside an elderly guy on my left who was napping and a bookcase on my right. Perfect. I wound up slipping into a light sleep for about 1/2 hour or so then continued to read for another 45 minutes or so. Unfortunately for me however it was pretty tough to get a spot there regularly...bummer.

Trying to sit back and have a quiet beer pool side or in any of the lounges wasn't very easy due to the number of people aboard. Most of the time we had to share a table with other people when eating. That wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, again thanks to my wife and we did meet a lot of nice people from Europe, Australia and the US of course. Anyhow, all said and done I didn't enjoy the cruise as much as I had hoped. To much idle time for my liking, and most of the activities were pretty lame except a couple of the shows in the evening. Needless to say I'm not in a big hurry to go on another cruise.

How about you? Any similar experiences you'd like to share?

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Re: Took my wife on a cruise for our 25th - Good Lord why oh why...

Postby CuriousMind » Fri Dec 30, 2016 2:37 pm

Hi Pathfinder,

I normally got to vacation with my family every other year around the country. The part where I dreaded the most was when we would relax and walk around the hotel. It's not that the hotel is not nice, but tourist there would quite often have a small talk with you. My mom and sister will automatically engaged in a conversation, while the shy me will look at my shoes and try to invisible behind both of them. Sometimes the tourists will ask me like 'Why are you so quiet?'. I'll give them an awkward smile and hide behind my mom again.

As I grew up, I tried to step up a little bit and be more brave.I remembered feeling so ridiculously happy after I personally asked to a staff to refill my cup of tea when I was 13 years old. However, if a small talk goes on for too long, I'll start panicking for no reason and looking with an expression like 'SOS'. There was once when a tourist ask me if I can play table tennis with him. Normally, I'm not that bad at table tennis. But at that time, I managed to do every blooper action that should not have happened. I lost my grip on the racket and the racket flew into the swimming pool nearby. I managed to smack my other hand with the racket. I slipped and fell for some reason even though the floor is dry. I smacked the table tennis ball so hard it flew into the lift behind the tourist. Saying I'm nervous at that time is an understatement.

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