The sociability ideal and how /why I would accept myself ?

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The sociability ideal and how /why I would accept myself ?

Postby fufufu » Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:33 am


What I would like to do ? To be loved more than the others. But what would happen if I was loved more than everybody ? I would something to be disliked, because, I would not like the fact everyone loves me so much.

What would I like me to be ? more sociable becauseeveryone is sociable.
But let's imagine a world in which everyoe is extra sociable. This would be too beautiful and I would do something to talk less, because perfection is a default, so I would make it less perfect.

So should I still try to be more sociable ? or should I try to accept myself at every moment ?
The second solution is the best.

Beginning self acceptance...
I'm how I am and that's wonderful. I can have time to study and to learn and that's cool. Now, how to deal withmoments when I should talk ? I have simply thought of defining them, precisely.
At the table, it's just to say how I feel and what I did or what happened today.
I would keep intellectual things for when I study alone, write stuff if I would like to share with others my knowledge. (sharing it on a blog or on forums)
Say to people I would intellectually find interesting, when I find some "hey , could we write each other letters or email, well, start a correspondence", because I really like them (correspondence and people intellectually interesting).

At any time, when I feel depressed, I would always think of the sociability ideal and tell myself,if that really existed, I would do everything to destroy this utopia, because, this would be too beautfiul. I stay myself.
So, beginning my self acceptance, do you find that my style of writing is smoother than before ?

Thanks for reading me

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Re: The sociability ideal and how /why I would accept myself ?

Postby nicoclone » Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:52 am

Okay, i will answer you last question first.. you are asking me if your writing is smoother than before?? ROFTL.. since i just read two post of yours including this one.. well, introvert are just good at making story and long threads just like me XD.. but your post length is still tolerable, it is still not hurting my eyes like the other post that i give them a long asnwer too for their super long question LOL.. you said if you are loved more than anybody.. hmm.. okay, in my case, it is just suck if everybody loves me partially because i am introvert (i am too shy if there are too many people looking at me XD).. partially because it is just my life experience.. besides introvert, i am also a nerdy guy XD.. so many parents like to praised me for getting ranking 1 all the time since i am at elementary school grade 4, only my parent that never praised me since my family is all nerd and wearing spectacle XD.. But, their child just jealous and even hate me for being a smart guy in class so their parent is praising me and comparing them to me X).. but when i go to college, thing is getting harder on me since i can't endure my renowned university orientation. This should give you the image, one full semester full of bullying by senior or sophomore X=O... i also have to lived on my own and i started to think about my family even more since i am introvert.. and finally i drop out ("-"@)....Well, my friend that is quite smart and jealous with me laughing to me and even her mother telling me what his ip at foreign university and even added if my child has ever come back from abroad, i will be so embarassed (it is referring to me) so my mom heard it and sad X(.. so i targeted that i am gonna kick his butt someday (mentally) by being richer than him.. XD
then, about your next question should i be more socialable or just accept yourself?? The answer is just located within your deepest heart. In my case, well, just be yourself. Some psycho from renowned university i dropped out (he even singing loudly when he is bathing xD) said to me that you should more accepting youself if you can't socialise with people.. (i'm just too shy to look people directly at their eyes especially girl ones XD)).. Since you can't easily change what you really are. Just accept it and enjoy your life the way you like it..
well, i think that should answer your question.

have nice day xD

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