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Avatar resizing

Postby Kurtis » Mon Apr 15, 2013 1:46 pm

hi all,

This is a notice regarding avatars; I am aware that the width of the avatar is constricting and restrictive, that was deliberate in order to keep the site looking tidy and professional. I decided to give plenty of leg-room as the height to balance it off. If you're looking for a picture however, and find they don't fit, have a look into these:

Picture Resize website

  1. Click the 'Picture Resize Website' link above (in a new tab if necessary.)
  2. If you want to use an image from Google, click on the image in Google Images and then click 'view original image.'
  3. Copy the link in your browser's address bar (usually by highlighting the whole thing, right clicking and clicking 'copy').
  4. In the PicResize website, click on 'From Web' to the right of 'select picture.'
  5. Delete the 'http://' that's in there already.
  6. Paste the address you copied (right click the box and click 'paste.')
  7. Click the 'Continue (resize, crop & special effects)' button.
  8. You should see the current picture you've chosen now. Scroll down to where it says 'Resize Your Picture.'
  9. Where it says 'Make My Picture' (and by default '50% smaller'), change that to 'Custom Size.'
  10. Set the custom width to 130 pixels, and leave the 'height (optional)' value blank.
  11. Leave the special effect at 'none.'
  12. Save Image Format as 'JPG,' quality at 'Best' and put the max filesize at '128.'
  13. Click on 'I'm Done, Resize My Picture!' button.
  14. Click the 'Save to Disk' icon, save it to your computer and then upload your avatar to this website (it should now upload with no problems).

If you wish, you can also send the avatars directly to me and I'll resize them and put them on your profile for you. You can either link them in this thread or send them to me via PM.

Kurtis -

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