A bit of help plz

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A bit of help plz

Postby angela1101 » Sat May 20, 2017 10:05 am

hey I'm Angela and I'm 21 I don't have friends but i wod like to have bf
it's not like I didn't try I did but everytime they say I'm not good or I'm too shy or I'm just not really for relationship and they all making me feel like something is wrong with me like I'm a broken ppl and new I feel like I'm stuck
coz im been of a date with this one guy and a really like him coz there was a lot of things we bought liked but then he kiss me i just panic and start crying than is happened i had me first panic attack .i had all this feeling that i didn't know what to do i wos so scared of what was about to happened and all i did is cry and say don't leave me but it didn't matter coz while i cried he been telling me the same thing everyone tells me
u need to make friend and u need to go to college to make friends its easy just try and your not really for a bf coz u need friends but i know he is wrong coz im not boring like he say im just diffract but new there is not way for a second change coz he friend zone me .he say that we can be friends and that i can ask him for help what a lie and he said that if were together I will just depend on him too much and i will know just as his gf and not as me and that i will always seek his approval how does he know that what will happen

is there a point for all of this can i get him back or wod i just accept my fate or being alone ???

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