A bad experience.

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A bad experience.

Postby Pradabra » Mon Aug 22, 2016 6:19 pm

Hey guys and girlz this is an introvert from I think deep wells where there is no water. I just wanted to share my story I am posting here because till yesterday I doesn't actually knew what a introvert is. So here goes my story
I loved a girl whose name is Queen from last 5yrs till I first saw her means love at first sight but u know that I haven't spoken to her because I think I am a bit shy or introvert with lots of shyness ,fear and bla bla bla which I came to know from youtube yesterday . so I just talked to that girl only for two times in last 5 yrs but recently I used to chat with her via WhatsApp and she was very impressed with me as I never talked to her in phone and you know what she asked me for my number but nowadays she doesn't responds to my chat and I think she will never know that I was his king because she was my queen a lot of broken emotions I am fighting but still don't want to talk to her and don't know why and thinking that will chat her regularly until she changes her mind and I am writing it all from bottom of my heart but suddenly I remember that I am at that impact of moment from where even bottom looks like up. Plz bless me and my queen and thanks for reading. #introvertsrockss

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Re: A bad experience.

Postby Daisy » Tue Aug 23, 2016 9:34 pm

Welcome Pradabra I wish you luck.

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