my best-friend refuses to try and understand me.

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my best-friend refuses to try and understand me.

Postby makeitalright » Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:39 pm

for reference i'll call my friend "c"

C and i have been friends for roughly 6 years. we are very much BEST friends, we do everything together of course when i'm up for doing anything...
my issues him could become a whole different topic but to better understand C, i'll just fill you in on some of the things he will say to me when we are arguing:
"i shouldn't have to beg my friend to hangout."
"FUCK god forbid i ask my friend to hangout, sorry that that's fucking annoying?!"
"i wasn't the one sleeping all day. i went out today, in my car that i paid for at my job that i'm at more than 3 times a week."

The things we argue about: he will be in the mood to hangout, but then i won't be. For me personally, when i have my days off, i usually prefer spending them inside. reading, scrolling through the internet, playing some video games, etc. I really enjoy my ME time, it's very important for me.
This will piss C off, not just annoyed or upset, genuinely PISSES HIM OFF. It'll turn into this huge argument of insults being thrown at me. Making me feel like i should be ashamed of being an introvert.
I've tried numerous times explaining to him how i feel personally and mentally, he just never cares to really think about it, remember it, grasp it, care about it...

just to clarify, the last argument we had i was telling him how annoying he was acting. being so angry over me not wanting to hangout was ... pretty annoying. that's when he said "FUCK GOD FORBID I ASK YOU TO HANGOUT SORRY THAT'S ANNOYING" when really, that's not at all what i meant by my statement. it's like, any time i try to defend myself, i'm never right. i'm just always wrong and i have to be tricked into thinking i'm stupid and useless.
we constantly get into argument over this same issue. nothing is improving and he's not willing to listen to me. it's such a confusing situation. on one hand, he can seem to be a great friend, but on the other.. it's like he's a totally different person.

a lot of the times i really believe he's only sticking around just for the sake of having a friend, and he doesn't really care about me at all.

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Re: my best-friend refuses to try and understand me.

Postby LilTampa » Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:22 pm

Doesn't sound like that great of a friend.
If you think the relationship is worth saving you will probably have to find a way to compromise what you like to do with what he likes to do. Its also helpful if you take the initiative in planning things. Ask him before he asks you.
But if you're having these arguments on a regular basis it might be time to step back. Friends should make an effort to understand each other and respect each others needs.

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